Why a Recovery Community Summit?

The Recovery Community Summit is Oregon's conference for everyone in the recovery community – family and friends, service professionals, and people in recovery for three days or thirty years.

This August, Oregon’s vibrant recovery community will come together to build community, learn about the latest evidence-based approaches to recovery and to mobilize for change.  This year we'll come together virtually with certified addiction peers and counselors, mom’s and dad’s, old-timers and newcomers, recovery yoga teachers and policy makers, working together to build pride in community and chart a united path towards ending Oregon’s addiction crisis.

A statewide team of volunteers is designing a two-day agenda that will inspire, challenge and entertain you. This years theme is Building Community, Building Power and will explore how members of Oregon's recovery community can continue to support each other and unite their voices to affect change at state, regional, and local levels.

As an attendee you can select one of four tracks to help guide your summit experience, or design your own track by choosing the courses that interest you most.  This year's four tracks are:

The Science of Addiction and Recovery: Explore the current state of scientific research in the fields of addiction and recovery. 

Personal growth: Learn strategies to become more rounded and successful in your own recovery.

Policy: Dive into the current political landscape of recovery in Oregon and how we can work to improve it.

Cultivating Leadership: Develop and expand your leadership skills to help support your community.

Additionally, Oregon Recovers' greatly appreciates the workforce helping people on the front lines of addiction and values their commitment to serving the recovery community. That's why we will be offering MHACBO Certified Continuing Education Units (CEUs) during every session for CADCs, mentors, and social workers in the recovery community. However, anyone not interested is welcome to attend and learn something new!  

Creating the systems change necessary to end Oregon’s addiction crisis requires a profound cultural change of how we view addiction and how we view recovery. By building pride in a broad definition of recovery, we will begin to combat the stigma that addiction is a moral failing and invite more people to pursue a path towards recovery.


If addiction has touched your life and you want to learn more, this is the conference for you.

Be a part of the 2nd Annual Recovery Community Summit.

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