A statewide committee is working hard to design a vibrant, productive agenda for the summit.  Panel & workshops will include—but not be limited to—the following:

  • Kicking Ass: Building Recovery Community Power
  • Sleeping around: Practicing Multiple Forms of Recovery
  • Just Got Out: Navigating Post-Incarceration Recovery
  • All’s Fair in Love & Recovery!
  • How Spiritual is my Recovery?
  • The Emerging Science of Recovery
  • We Won’t be Marginalized: Racism, Sexism, Homophobia & Recovery
  • What Now? Building Family Support Groups
  • Not Your Grandfather’s Recovery: MAT & Harm Reduction as Part of the Recovery Continuum
  • Movement Building: What Can We Learn from Marriage Equality and HIV/AIDS Campaigns
  • And More!

Additionally, we will provide space for closed affinity groups (eg. LGBTC, Communities of Color, formerly incarcerated, etc), offer guided bike tours, recovery yoga sessions and multiple forms of organized recovery meetings (eg. Wellbriety, Refuge Recovery, SMART, and 12 Steps).

There will also be a comedy slam, a music circle and an ongoing recovery art workshop.


Oregon’s vibrant recovery community will come together to build community, learn about the latest evidence-based approaches to recovery and to mobilize for change.

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3pm: Registration Opens, Exhibits Open

3:30pm: Breakout Sessions
(long session: 1.5 hrs)

5pm: Break

5:15pm: Breakout Sessions
(long session: 1.5 hrs)

6:45pm: Break

7pm: Dinner Plenary/Keynote

8:30pm: Meetings/Activities


8am: Exhibits Open, Registration Open

9am: Breakfast Plenary/Keynote

10:30am: Break

10:45am: Breakout Sessions (long session 1.5 hrs)

12:15pm: Lunch Plenary/Keynote

1:45pm: Breakout Sessions (1 hr)

2:45pm: Break

3pm: Breakout Sessions (1 hr)

4pm: Break

4:15pm: Recovery Meetings/Activities

5:15pm: Break

5:30pm: Recovery Meetings/Activities

6:30pm: Break

7pm: Dinner Plenary/Keynote

8:30pm: Evening Activity


8am: Exhibits open, Yoga

9am: Breakfast Plenary/Keynote

10:30am: Break

10:45am: Breakout Session/Activities (long session 1.5 hrs)

12:30pm: Closing Lunch Plenary/Keynote